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MMO-coated titanium anode for cathodic protection of soil

Mar. 01, 2023

MMO-coated titanium anode for cathodic protection of soil

MMO-coated titanium anode is easy to process, light in weight, easy to handle and install, and is very suitable for cathodic protection of soil media. The surface of MMO-coated titanium anode is covered by oxides with high catalytic activity. The potential of titanium electrode at some gaps on the surface is usually not more than 2V, so the titanium substrate will not cause breakdown of the surface passivation film (when used in soil, the applied voltage is generally controlled below 60V). MMO-coated titanium anode also has excellent physical, chemical and electrochemical properties. The resistivity of the coating is 10-7 Ω. m, which is the result of acidic environment, with low polarization and low consumption rate. By adjusting the composition of the coating oxide, it can be applied to different environments.

MMO-coated titanium anode has a working current density of 100A/㎡ in the ground bed, and its service life can reach 20 years. Its consumption rate is about 0.1mg/A.a. When the current density reaches 2000A/㎡, the electrode will not be passivated and dissolved, and its performance is reliable. For the anode used for cathodic protection in shallow soil, deep soil and container protection conditions, the current density is 100A/㎡, and the service life is ≥ 20 years.

Because MMO-coated titanium anode has some advantages that other anodes do not have, it has become the most ideal and promising auxiliary anode material.