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MMO Coated Titanium Anodes

MMO coated titanium anode is one of the DSA anode, it is coated with mixed metal oxide coatings such as ruthenium iridium, iridium tantalum on the titanium substrate.

MMO coated titanium anodes were originally developed for chlorine production by seawater electrolysis and have been used in cathodic protection (CP) applications since the 1980s. MMO coated titanium anodes are used in a variety of environments, including seawater, brackish water, freshwater, carbon backfill and concrete, due to their significant advantages. Dinol can design and customize various sizes of the coated titanium anodes. We offer our customers MMO tube anodes and other titanium anodes, among others.

Advantages of MMO anodes

1.Proven reliability.

2. Long life span.

3. Multiple anode configurations available.

4. Lightweight.

5. Low cost.

Common applications are:


2. Electroforming.

3. DSA cathodic protection.

4. Electrochemical sensing.

5. Electrolytic production and refining of metals.

6. Chromic acid electrolytic regeneration.

7. Precious and base metal plating.

8. Electrolytic recovery of precious and base metals.

9. Electrolytic production of sodium hypochlorite.

10. Electrosynthesis of inorganic and organic chemicals.

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