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  • MMO Cylindrical Deep Well Anode

  • MMO Cylindrical Deep Well Anode

  • MMO Cylindrical Deep Well Anode

MMO Cylindrical Deep Well Anode

dinol provide canister anodes with core in MMO tubular or wire anode wrapped with galvanized steel canister. The canister is capped with the anode cable extending out the top of the anode cap. It is commonly used in cathodic protection field, such as buried pipelines or ground beds.

Canister anodes consist of MMO/Ti (tubular, wire, rod, mesh) anode installed in a large metal canister that is filled with coke breeze backfill. They are commonly used for impressed current anode cathodic protection applications.

Product Description

Application characteristics of MMO cylindrical deep well anode in impressed current cathodic protection

As a main component of the auxiliary anode for impressed current cathodic protection, deep well anodes have undergone various material improvements and developments. Traditional deep well anodes mostly use ferrosilicon anodes and noble metal oxide cylindrical anodes. However, the former is only protected on the side close to the bottom bed of the anode, and the internal pipeline cannot be effectively protected. When used as a deep well anode, it has problems such as increased construction difficulty due to its heavy weight. The metal oxide MMO cylindrical deep well anode has the advantages of small footprint, large protection area, no restriction on selected points, long service life, and simple installation and maintenance.

Technology Comparison

The following are commonly used specifications by customers, and other specifications can also be customized

Barrel length(mm)barrel outer diameter(mm)anode length(mm)cable type


Application fields of MMO cylindrical deep well:

1. Cathodic protection of industrial and urban underground pipe networks;

2. Cathodic protection of metal pipeline structures;

3. Cathodic protection of deep buried and underwater metal components;

4. Protected bodies whose depth cannot be reached by other cathodic protection methods

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