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  • MMO Titanium Mesh Belt Anode

  • MMO Titanium Mesh Belt Anode

  • MMO Titanium Mesh Belt Anode

MMO Titanium Mesh Belt Anode

Product Description

一. Application of MMO titanium mesh belt anode in cathodic protection

1, MMO with titanium mesh anode (MMO grid anode) is a titanium mesh with a base material, through a special process coated with precious metal mixed oxide, titanium conductive sheet forms a network structure cross welding auxiliary anode;

2. The use of MMO titanium mesh belt anode in impressed current cathodic protection device , together with potentiostat, grid anode and anode cable junction box, long-term copper sulfate reference electrode or high-purity zinc reference electrode, form a mesh Anode impressed current cathodic protection device system;

3, MMO titanium mesh anode strip may be uniformly diverging current to the adjacent outer wall surface of the tank bottom, to reduce the risk of over or under the protection of protection.

二. Features of MMO titanium mesh belt anode manufactured by Shaanxi Dinuoer Technology

1. Simple installation and simple construction

2. Long service life, design service life can reach more than 60 years

3. The coating loss rate is low and uniform

4. Stable performance, showing excellent performance even in chloride-contaminated concrete

5. Can work under high current density

Technology Comparison

MMO mesh belt anode parameters (other specifications can be customized)

specifications (customizable)output currentmesh size (mm)design service life (year)
10mm x 76mm2.8mA/m22.5 x 4.6 x 0.620、30、50、70
13mm x 76mm3.5 A/m22.5 x 4.6 x 0.620、30、50、70
19mm x 76mm5.28A/m22.5 x 4.6 x 0.620、30、50、70
1.10m x 76mm18.8A/m234 x 76 x 0.6420、30、50、70
1.20m x 76mm24.4A/m234 x 76 x 0.8920、30、50、70
1.20m x 76mm37.8A/m225 x 51 x 0.8920、30、50、70


Application fields of MMO mesh belt anode:

1. Cathodic protection of various storage tank floors and outer walls;

2. Buildings with reinforced concrete structures, such as cathodic protection of bridges, bridge piers, seaside equipment, etc., or cathodic protection of urban buildings, etc.; it is not restricted by the use environment, even in concrete with extremely high soil resistivity;

3. Electrodynamic soil remediation.

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