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MMO Titanium Anodes VS Platinized Titanium Anodes

Oct. 21, 2021

MMO Titanium Wire Anode Platinized Titanium Mesh

In the current industrial production industry, anodes for protection of cathodesare used as one of the most widely used and most effective anti-corrosion products in industrial production. Common anode materials include graphite, titanium and others. Titanium is often coated with a coating such as MMO, platinum, ruthenium or iridium, which prolongs the life of the titanium anode and reduces costs.

DIORE, the manufacturer of MMO-coated titanium anodes, would like to introduce you to the differences between MMO and platinum-coated titanium anodes.

Technical characteristics

Both have excellent antimicrobial corrosion properties; long service life of the electrode; can be used with higher current densities and high current efficiency.

Catalytic activity

The platinum-plated electrode is well known as a high peroxide potential electrode. The MMO anode is a low oxygen precipitation potential electrode and the oxygen precipitation zone of the anode is more easily precipitated. As a result, the bath voltage is relatively low during electrolysis, which saves energy.


Cost effectiveness

The MMO titanium electrode is approximately 80% of the price of a platinum-plated electrode and has better electrochemical stability in alkaline copper electrolytes. They also have excellent electrolytic activity and durability.


MMO oxide is a fairly stable oxide. It is virtually insoluble in all acids and bases, and the oxide coating is approximately 20-40 μm. The overall amount of oxide coating is low, so MMO anodes do not contaminate the electroplating solution, in much the same way as platinum electrodes.



In sulphuric acid electrolytes, copper ions tend to concentrate in the edges of the holes and build up quickly, resulting in a very uneven distribution of copper build-up and possible burn-in, which is undoubtedly a heavy shock for plated circuit boards. The presence of chlorides in this current environment can cause the platinum layer to flake off after a period of time. At this point an mmo coated anode is suitable.

At present sacrificial anode protection technology has been developed and is widely used for corrosion control of steel pipelines, cables, steel quays, ships, storage tank bottoms, coolers and other metal structures in soil, sea water, fresh water and chemical media. Diore can design and customise coated titanium anodes in a variety of sizes. If your production requires anode materials, please contact us for a quote and customisation service.