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Titanium Anode: Its Some Amazing Usages

Dec. 06, 2021

Titanium anode tube, also known as MMO tubular anode or precious metal oxide titanium anode tube, is a layer of metal oxide with electrocatalytic activity over a tubular titanium substrate. MMO tubular anode is suitable for many environments, such as soil, fresh water, saline water and seawater, and is a promising alternative to high-silicon cast iron anodes in shallow buried anodes for pipeline storage tanks and deep well anodes for cathodic protection, and it is light in weight and has a long service life. It has high cost performance.

Main features

MMO ribbon anode is a precious metal oxide ribbon anode. Its main characteristics are as follows.

It has a high chemical stability, even at low pH and in environments containing chloride ions.

It is dimensionally stable and has a low and uniform coating loss rate.

It can work at high current densities and has excellent electrical conductivity.

The polarization of the precious metal oxide coating is small and the consumption rate is very low. By adjusting the composition of the oxide layer, it can be applied to different environments, such as seawater, freshwater and soil media. Due to the advantages of precious metal oxide anodes that other anodes do not have, they have become the most ideal and promising auxiliary anode material available.

The MMO titanium anode coating produced by DINOR has a very low loss rate in various cathodic protection environments and a service life of more than 30 years.

Ruthenium mixed oxied coated titanium anode

Application introduction


In the steelmaking industry, small amounts of titanium are good deoxidizers, nitrogen removal and sulfur removal agents. Titanium dioxides are a valuable white pigment called titanium white. Titanium dioxide has both the masking properties of lead white and the lasting properties of zinc white. Titanium dioxide has a high melting point and is often used to make refractory glass, glaze, enamel, clay, high temperature resistant laboratory ware, etc.

Underwater Detection

Barium titanate crystals are widely used in ultrasonic instruments and underwater detectors. This is because having the ability to change shape when chopped under pressure generates an electric current; once energized, it changes shape again. Using the strong absorption of air by titanium and zirconium, air can be removed and a vacuum created.


Titanium-niobium alloy is the superconducting material. Pipeline MMO Tubular AnodePipeline MMO Tubular AnodePipeline MMO Tubular Anode

High-pressure vessels made of titanium alloys are capable of withstanding high pressures of 2,500 atmospheres. About 70% of the titanium currently smelted is used in the manufacture of aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, man-made, etc.

If you need custom-made MMO anode tubes, please contact us. Our MMO tubular anode coating type, thickness and anode specification size can be customized according to your requirements (such as current density, media environment used and design life). Contact us by email for reliable cooperation.