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Titanium Anodes: Used for the Recovery of Precious Metals

Jan. 06, 2022

After the completion of some production, the factory will get waste liquid, which contains metal ions. Certain precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. are present in it, which if thrown away directly, not only waste resources, but also pollute the environment. DINOR is a professional manufacturer of titanium anodes, and we can offer you solutions for the recovery of precious metals.

Titanium Anodes: Used for the Recovery of Precious Metals

Precious metals

Precious solution is an acidic thiourea solution containing sulfuric acid, in which gold and silver exist in the form of cationic complexes. In the process of electrowinning, the gold complex ions are reduced and the gold is precipitated on the cathode surface.

The free thiourea in the electrolysis process will be strongly oxidized on the anode and decomposed elemental sulfur, so that the electrolyte becomes cloudy, and pollute the cathode precipitate and consume a lot of thiourea. To eliminate this harmful reaction, the electrowinning of your solution is carried out in the cathode area of a diaphragm electrolyzer equipped with an ion-exchange membrane. The ion-exchange membrane has good electrical conductivity with low fluid permeability and sufficient mechanical strength. 


Non-ferrous metals

Etching is an important process in the production of printed wiring boards. As etching proceeds, the concentration of copper ions in the etching solution increases, and the etching solution will lose its activity when it reaches 150 g/L.

DINOR sells iridium-coated titanium electrodes with an iridium oxide coating that shows excellent electrolytic durability.

Application areas: acid etch, alkaline etch, micro etch, browning etch.

Advantages: corrosion resistance, long life, energy saving, high current density.

Titanium Anodes: Used for the Recovery of Precious Metals


Copper in etchant

Our MMO precious metal oxide coated titanium anode or titanium mesh coated lead dioxide anode can recover copper in chloride waste solution (acidic waste solution), sulfate waste solution (alkaline waste solution) and mixed waste solution of chloride waste solution and sulfate waste solution, the anode is stable, corrosion resistant and long life. The product anode has good electrical conductivity and effectively reduces overpotential and tank voltage.

Acid etching solution

We use ion film electrolysis process to regenerate etching solution and recover copper. The anode area of the electrolyzer is used to regenerate the waste etchant by oxidation. Finally, the chemical composition, redox potential and specific gravity of the acid etch solution reach the control range required for normal production of the etching line. The copper powder with commercial value is precipitated from the cathode plate and can be sold directly.

Alkaline etchant

Through the extraction electrolysis process, copper ions in the alkaline etching solution are extracted into metal plates, and the etching solution is blended into a regenerated sub-liquid that meets the production requirements and is returned to the production line for recycling through automatic addition equipment.

We generally use iridium-tantalum-titanium anode plate, barrel iridium-tantalum electrode or lead dioxide plated titanium mesh anode, with a conventional warranty of 18 months. dinor can be customized according to customer requirements and we try our best to complete it for you.

Titanium Anodes: Used for the Recovery of Precious Metals

Browning liquid

In the case of browning waste liquor, we will first remove the impurities through a filtration unit. After that, the system uses the electrochemical principle to realize the separation of copper ions to get high purity electrolytic copper, and the post-electrolysis liquid can be directly discharged into the complexing conditioning tank or comprehensive conditioning tank.

Technical advantages: energy saving and emission reduction, greatly reducing the pressure of environmental protection at the factory sewage station; producing high value electrolytic copper at the plant, creating economic benefits for the enterprise.

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