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  • Nitinol wire

Nitinol wire

Dinol provides two types of Nitinol wire, shape memory type and super elastic type.

Product Description

Shape memory Nitinol wire:

This is a kind of special alloy which can automatically restore the original shape of plastic deformation at a certain temperature. Its expansion rate is above 20%, the fatigue life is up to 1*10^7, the damping characteristic is 10 times higher than that of the ordinary spring, and the corrosion resistance is better than the best medical stainless steel, Therefore, it can meet the needs of various engineering and medical applications, is a very good functional materials.

Super elastic type refers to the sample production under external force is greater than the elastic limit strain of dependent variable, the strain can be automatically restored when unload. Under the condition of the parent phase, the stress induced martensite transformation occurs due to the effect of the applied stress. Thus the alloy mechanical behavior is different from ordinary materials. Its elastic limit is far greater than ordinary materials, and no longer complies with Hooke’s law. Compared with shape memory properties, there is no thermal involvement of the super elastic. The super elasticity of the Nitinol can be changed with the change of the heat treatment condition.

We also produces Nitinol plate, rod, wire, tube and various kinds of deep processing product according to your requirements. At the same time, we can also produce according to the customer’s drawings.

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