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Application of MMO Titanium Anode

Aug. 12, 2021

In recent years, MMO titanium anodes have found increasing applications in cathodic protection. As an impressed current auxiliary anode, MMO titanium anodes have the following outstanding characteristics: high current density, acid resistance, long life, and can be used in fresh water, soil, seawater, and concrete.

MMO Titanium Wire Anode

Vessel protection anode

Ship cathodic protection began in 1823 and has a history of 200 years. In the early days, sacrificial anode protection was mainly used. With the development of electronic industry since 1950s, impressed current cathodic protection technology has made great progress. In the past, Marine auxiliary anodes were mainly made of lead-silver alloy and platinum-plated titanium in military ships. Only in the last 20 years have MMO titanium anodes been used, and the anodes have shapes such as strip and disk, as shown in Figure 7. MMO titanium anodes were officially included in the 1998 revision of the Marine auxiliary anodes standard. MMO titanium anode has the advantages of small size, large discharge, long service life and no pollution, and has basically replaced lead-silver alloy cathode in ship impressed current protection.

Bridges and wharves in fresh water

Steel structure in fresh water will also occur corrosion, corrosion speed and water oxygen content, hardness, chloride concentration. Corrosion damage in fresh water

The main form is local corrosion, and the damage to the service life of steel structure can not be ignored. Because of the high resistivity of fresh water, the applied current method can only be used for cathodic protection.

Underground pipe network protection

Since 2001, there have been 1300 cases of impressed current cathodic protection projects for underground pipe networks in the Middle East, involving oil, gas and water supply pipelines. There are also many examples of this in China. Deep well anodic cathodic protection systems have become a standard engineering method. In this system the anodes are placed in specialized boreholes that extend vertically down from the surface. It is suitable for areas where the surface soil resistivity is very high, while the deeper layers have relatively low resistivity. The protection current from the deep well anode will be evenly distributed along the protected pipe network when the appropriate voltage is applied. In particular, it is more suitable to use deep well anodes in areas with dense pipe networks. The deep well anode structure has a long casing on the outside and a tubular MMO titanium anode in the middle. They are filled with permeable coke particles. The highly dense carbon packing in the anode bed of deep Wells ensures maximum current discharge from the anode surface, and a properly installed ventilation system minimizes the risk of gas resistance.

 MMO Cylindrical Deep Well Anode

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