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Kinds of External Current MMO Cathodic Protection

Mar. 15, 2022

DINOR will introduce the use of different forms of MMO anodes (flexible, tubular, cartridge, strip, etc.) in this article.

MMO flexible anode

As a new type of cathodic protection auxiliary anode, flexible anode is mainly applied to storage tanks and buried pipelines, which can solve some problems that cannot be protected by traditional cathodic protection methods. The output voltage is low, the protection potential is evenly distributed, and the discharge density is large. The length can be customized, can be cut at will, flexible construction; long life and high stability.

It can be applied to the outer wall of storage tank bottom; high resistivity environment; cathodic protection on the outer surface of steel storage tank bottom plate; construction site of storage tank cathodic protection project, etc.

Kinds of External Current MMO Cathodic Protection

MMO titanium anode strip

MMO titanium anode strips belong to a class of insoluble anodes (DSA anodes), where a layer of noble metal oxides with high electrocatalytic activity is coated and sintered on the surface of the titanium strip using the traditional thermal decomposition method.

It is usually used for cathodic protection of the bottom of ground storage tanks and reinforced concrete structures, and is generally laid vertically with the titanium conductive tape as an auxiliary anode for applied current cathodic protection. Its intersection points are connected by special welding machine spot welding to form a grid-like grid, and the energized points are connected by special joints for anodes, which has become a more suitable auxiliary anode material for the mesh anode cathodic protection system at present.

MMO cylinder deep well anode

As a major component of the applied current cathodic protection auxiliary anode, the deep well anode has undergone various material improvements and developments. However, only the side of the former near the bottom bed of the anode is protected, and the internal pipeline cannot be effectively protected. When used as a deep well anode, it is difficult to construct because of its own weight. Metal oxide mmo cartridge deep well anodes have the advantages of small footprint, large protection area, no restriction on the selection point, long service life and simple installation and maintenance.

Kinds of External Current MMO Cathodic Protection

MMO tubular anode

MMO tubular anode, also called titanium tube anode, mmo anode titanium tube, or precious metal oxide (MMO) titanium anode tube, is a metal oxide with electrocatalytic activity formed by coating and sintering processes on a titanium tube substrate. Suitable for use in many environments, such as in soil, fresh water, saline water and seawater, and its light weight, long service life and cost effectiveness.

We can design and produce different required service life and output current by adjusting the coating ratios. mmo tubular anode coating type, thickness and anode specification size can be customized depending on the required current density, the media environment used and the design life.

Kinds of External Current MMO Cathodic Protection

MMO titanium mesh tape anodes

mmo titanium mesh tape anodes (mmo mesh anodes) are based on titanium mesh tape, coated with a layer of precious metal mixed metal oxide by a special process, and cross-welded with titanium conductive sheets to form a mesh structure auxiliary anode.

The mmo titanium mesh anode is used in the applied current cathodic protection device, together with the constant potential meter, mesh anode and anode cable junction box, long-lasting copper sulfate reference electrode or high purity zinc reference electrode, forming the mesh anode applied current cathodic protection device system. mmo titanium mesh anode can disperse the current evenly to the surface of the tank bottom plate adjacent to it, reducing the risk of over-protection or under-protection.

MMO titanium wire anodes

MMO titanium wire anode can be used as cathodic protection auxiliary anode alone, or as mmo electrocatalytic electrode for cartridge anode and flexible anode; it can be applied to continuous horizontal ground bed, discontinuous vertical ground surface, storage tank equipment, cable protection, boiling water container and other cathodic protection. It can also be applied to industrial electroplating auxiliary anode and electrochemical water treatment electrocatalytic oxidation electrode.

Kinds of External Current MMO Cathodic Protection

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