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Titanium Anodes for Copper and Aluminum Foil Production

Feb. 28, 2022

In the electrolytic industry, copper and aluminum are the two most common metals. DINOR is a professional manufacturer of MMO titanium anodes, we take you through the role of titanium anodes in the production of aluminum foil and copper foil.

Copper foil production        

As one of the basic materials for the electronics industry, electrolytic copper foil is mainly used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs), copper-clad laminates (CCLs), etc., and is widely used in the home appliance, communication, and computing (3C) industries. In recent years, due to the rapid development of the electronics industry and its dense, light, thin, short and small development characteristics, there are higher and newer requirements for copper foil, mainly in terms of: low roughness, thinner thickness, high physical properties and defect-free surface appearance.

Titanium Anodes for Copper and Aluminum Foil Production

Ruthenium iridium coated anode

Brief description of the process

Although the specifications and performance of electrolytic copper foil vary from one copper foil manufacturer to another, the manufacturing process is basically the same. Electrolytic copper or copper wire scrap of the same purity as electrolytic copper is used as raw material, which is dissolved in sulfuric acid to make an aqueous solution of copper sulfate, and a metal roller is used as the cathode to continuously electrolytically deposit metallic copper on the surface of the cathode roller through an electrolytic reaction, while continuously stripping it from the cathode roller.

Electrolysis principle

During electrolysis, cations in the electrolyte migrate toward the cathode and get electrons to be reduced at the anode. The anions run toward the anode and lose electrons to be oxidized. Two electrodes are connected to the copper sulfate solution and a direct current is applied.

Cathode: Cu2+ +2e → 2Cu  ,  2H+ +2e → H2↑         

Anode: 4OH- +4e → 2H2O + O2↑ ,  2SO42-+2H2O -4e → 2H2S04 + O2↑        

The copper dissolved from the anode replenishes the consumption of copper ions in the electrolyte. The surface of the cathode is treated in a certain way so that the copper layer deposited on the cathode can be peeled off, and a copper skin of a certain thickness is obtained. The copper skin with a certain function is called copper foil.

Titanium Anodes for Copper and Aluminum Foil Production

Platinized Titanium Mesh Anode

The advantages

1. Stable pole spacing   

2. Increased production capacity   

3. High current carrying capacity, uniform current distribution, high production efficiency   

4. Fast rise of copper foil            

5. Low energy consumption   

6、Long working time, after the electrode fails, it can be recoated and continue to use

The anode for copper foil produced by our company has good conductivity of electrode; low oxygen precipitation potential, fine grain of coating oxide, and service life of ≥40000KA.h/m2.


Aluminum foil production

This aluminum foil is formed by electrochemical or chemical etching of high purity aluminum, the surface is treated into spongy/tunnel-like tissue to increase its surface area, and then it is anodized to produce a structurally dense aluminum oxide film (aluminum trioxide) on its surface. We also have Electrolyzer for sale.

Titanium Anodes for Copper and Aluminum Foil Production

Advantages of our electrodes

1. The size of titanium anode plate is stable, and the electrode spacing does not change during electrolysis, so that the electrolysis operation can be carried out under the condition of stable tank voltage.

2. Low working voltage, low power consumption, about 20% reduction in consumption.

3. Long working life of titanium anode.

4. Insoluble anode, avoiding the electrolyte and cathode products, and improving the quality of products.

5. Can improve the current density.

6. Strong corrosion resistance, can work in many corrosive and special requirements of electrolytic media.

7. It can avoid the short circuit problem after the deformation of lead anode, so as to improve the current efficiency.

8. The base titanium material can be used repeatedly.

9. DINOR can design the corresponding coating formula according to the customer's specific electrolyte and current density, in order to achieve at least 18 months warranty period.

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