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MMO cathodic protection deep well titanium anode

MMO cathodic protection deep well titanium anode

Deep-well anode is an impressed current cathodic protection technology developed to meet the needs of domestic deep-well protection. Deep-well anode refers to the anode ground bed with the top of the anode body ≥ 15m from the ground. It is relatively shallow buried anode, and is suitable for cathodic protection of buried metal structures in large long-distance pipelines, urban pipe networks, hydropower projects, and areas with high surface soil resistivity. It is one of the main technologies for long-distance pipeline, urban pipe network and regional protection. Deep well anode has little impact on unprotected underground steel structure, small investment and is not limited by terrain

Its advantages include:

1. The grounding resistance is small, the interference is small, energy saving and explosion-proof, and excavation along the line is not necessary.

2. Good protection effect, large output current, uniform current distribution, long protection distance and long service life.

Structural features:

1. The deep-well anode system is composed of deep-well anode body, deep-well anode, internal gas conduction device, filler, cable, well protection device and other structures.

2. The deep well anode can adopt noble metal oxide anode and high-quality high silicon cast iron anode according to requirements.

3. The noble metal oxide anode is a new type of anode coated with titanium based iridium, iron and other noble metal oxides. Precious metal oxide anode has light specific gravity, good strength, high current efficiency, good conductivity, strong oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, especially C1 resistance, long service life and energy saving


Precious metal oxide coated titanium anode, recommended size: ¢ 25 × 1000mm, cable length can be customized according to customer requirements.

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