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Ruthenium titanium electrodes for electrochlorination

This titanium electrode set is used to prepare sodium hypochlorite solution by brine electrolysis, the effective chlorine concentration is not less than 6500ppm, the chlorine production is 5000g/h, and the service life is not less than 2 years.

Anode plate: titanium-based ruthenium-iridium mixed oxide coating

Cathode plate: industrial titanium plate

Accessories: RPTFE/PTFE fixing parts, welding parts, etc.

Working principle of the titanium electrode or titanium electrolyser:

Water, electricity and chloride ions with a certain concentration can be used to produce available chlorine (including HClO, ClO-, and Cl2) on site by electrolysis. Available chlorine, as a broad-spectrum fungicide, can kill bacteria or algae and shellfish in the water and prevent the attachment of marine organisms on the coastal facilities and pipelines. It is also able to sterilize water for a variety of processes.

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